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How to Pack for a Fall Weekend Away

We just got back from a long weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is magical during the fall season: gorgeous trees of all colors, lamp posts adorned with corn stalks, pumpkins and fall festivities galore. If you plan on taking a weekend away to celebrate fall you'll want to pack to enjoy it and feel good while you're there. I love vacations for a lot of reasons, one of them is planning and wearing curated outfits.

Occasionally I buy items specifically for an upcoming trip. I recently went on a girls' trip to Naples, Florida and purchased an adorable pink ruffle sleeve Alice and Olivia dress covered in palm leaves for that trip. Clothes can be inspiring and energizing. Your enjoyment of a dinner out is enhanced by wearing an outfit that makes you feel fancy and special.

I'm a chronic over-packer. There's no cure. It's a life-long condition you learn to manage as best you can. I told my husband I was blogging a "how to" on packing for a trip and he started laughing "is this a how NOT to?" While it's true I can't give you advice if your goal is to fit everything you can in one duffel but I can provide tips on what to bring to in order to get maximum use and still have options.

I know plenty of bloggers who try on every outfit before they travel and know each day what they will wear. That's something I don't do. What I wear depends on my mood and how my body is feeling. I may plan to wear a skin-tight evening dress on a date night but find out we are going to a steak house and suddenly I want something more flowy for a big meal. Clothes can work for or against you. They can make you feel beautiful, or if not the right fit or moment, make you feel awful.

Tips for packing:

  • Know vaguely what you are doing so you can bring appropriate outfits. How many dinners out? Will there be outdoor activities? How long will I be on my feet versus lounging?

  • Rely on neutral accessories: brown or black boots and bags, a solid color hair accessory like a brown cap or maroon panama hat so that you can reuse items for multiple outfits.

  • Bring a couple "stand-out pieces" like a specific fancy handbag, sparkly headband, or statement necklace.

  • Bring some layers! There's nothing worse than when the forecast is trash and now you're freezing in your beautiful airy dress. I used to think comfort and fashion were separate entities but as I've grown up I try to feel as comfortable as possible. I find that's when I feel my best.

  • Pack smaller purses inside bigger purses to save room.

  • Use a garment bag for dresses, blazers, and clothes that are wrinkle sensitive.

  • Bring clothes that bring you joy and comfort, vacation is time to relax.

Basic Packing List



-Duster Cardigan




-Short sleeve sweater top

-Plain black long sleeve top


-Trench or quilted coat


-Tweed Skirt

-Maxi skirt

-Long sleeve flowy evening dress

-Sweater dress





-Knee High Boots

-Ankle boots in black and brown


-Gym shoes


-Evening bag

-A couple day bags (fall style)


-Baseball cap


-Panama Hat

-Statement Necklace

-Gold chain necklace

-Gold bracelet

-Oversized silver earrings

I hope this gives you some clarity after staring blankly at your weekender bag. Packing can seem daunting but this starter list can give you an idea of what items to have on hand for an enjoyable, stylish getaway. My next post will provide more details on how to style this packing list so stay tuned and stay fashionable,



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