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Styling from a Suitcase

Styling at home versus styling on the road are vastly different processes. At home you have access to your full wardrobe where you can add last minute details or change items if you're not feeling a certain look. When you're on vacation you have only what is in your suitcase to style which makes things less complicated but a bit more challenging at times.

In my previous post How to Pack for a Fall Weekend Away I made a list of some recommended essentials to give you some good options when styling on the road. That list was created based on the contents of my own suitcase. The gallery above shows how I used those options to create fourteen unique looks on the trip. I typically don't do laundry on vacation so the pieces I frequently reuse are accessories and pants, while dresses and tops I wear only once.

In the photos you will notice that most purses, pants, and boots were re-worn twice on this trip. I make packing less daunting by bringing items I can incorporate into multiple looks so I get the most use out of what I bring. I bring a couple "stand out" pieces, accessories I only wear once that add intrigue to my outfit, on this trip these items were my maroon panama hat and Rachel Zoe statement necklace.

I also included a couple practical items, a comfy sweatshirt and a washable tote that was perfect for apple picking and farmers markets. You should always think about the activities you plan to do on your trip so fashion doesn't hinder your activities. You're not going to enjoy a hike in four inch heels or bring a beautiful suede handbag to a nature preserve, unless you're just going to pose for Instagram pictures (no judgement, it's part of the process).

One way I style whether at home or on a trip is by creating a rotation. I don't typically wear dresses, blazers or pants, three days in a row. I create a rotation of outfits for instance:

Monday: Dress

Tuesday: Leggings & cardigan

Wednesday: Jeans & blazer

Thursday: Dress

Friday: Maxi skirt & shirt

Saturday: Leggings & blazer or sweater

Sunday: Jumper

You'll notice this in my What I Wore This Week series (which starts at the end of this week). The reason I dress this way is to keep things interesting and comfortable. I get bored of blazers or dresses over and over. It's also a nice break from dressing up when you add in pants and a sweater in between beautiful dresses and dry clean only blazers. Note that this only applies to clothes you enjoy wearing. If you only feel comfortable in dresses, wear dresses all the time. It's more important to feel good in what you're wearing rather than trying to check off style boxes. Number one rule for styling is be true to you.

Stay fashionable,



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