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How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall

The seasons are changing (even if the weather isn't reflecting it yet) which means our attire shifts to meet practicality for dropping temperatures and an aesthetic that reflects the fall season. In the past I would store all my spring/summer clothes in our basement and bring out the fall/winter bunch. More recently I've decided that there's a place for everything in the closet regardless of the season (as long as you can find the closet space). A cropped tee can come in very handy for layering under a chunky cardigan sweater and a sweet summer dress can add a great pop of color under a fall jacket.

It can be difficult to picture your summer staples serving a fall purpose so I styled one of my favorite summer dresses (guilty of owning it in the five colors) for the fall season using a variety of jackets and accessories. One summer dress + a fall jacket + fall accessories= fall/summer wardrobe symbiosis.

I styled my adorable Michael Kors ruffle dress for the fall by pulling a variety of jackets, neutral and moody hued bags (browns, deep green, black) and lots of boots, ankle and knee high in various styles. I grabbed a couple cute fall headbands to complete the look, hats would be a great finishing touch as well.

For a fun, playful look add a denim or leather jacket. For a classic look, a long quilted or wool jacket styled with a headband. The biggest advice I'd give when styling any outfit is cohesiveness. I find it looks more pulled together when you add edgy accessories with a leather jacket or country style boots with a denim jacket. It helps to lay the outfit out on the floor and think, does each piece contribute to the story I want to tell?

I hate fashion "rules" and following trends. I think fashion is about taking risks, expressing yourself, and most importantly feeling good in what you're wearing. I hope some of the styling pictures helped inspire you to reuse some summer pieces for fall (definitely helps the budget) but done in a way that expresses your unique style.

Stay fashionable, Linda


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